Knockin’ On Kevin’s Door

Often times, even I don’t have all the answers…I know “shocking” right? In those times of need, we all need that one person we can go to, for me that person is @Kevin Swiggum (my boss at Radial Web, Inc.). I’m sure coming to my rescue can get pretty annoying at times, but he’s been doing this 4 times as long as I have and has seen numerous anomalies in numerous orgs.

For those that do not know, Kevin is a former MVP — and more than likely still would be, but running a business tends get in the way of keeping up with some of those requirements. (Not to mention, I’m working for him and I can keep anyone on their toes…)

So if you don’t already have your “Kevin” — find one, and this goes out to all of the “Kevin’s” out there…thanks for all your help!

Knockin’ On Kevin’s Door

P.S. I don’t normally perform the parodies I write. I have assisted writing a few Salesforce parodies over the past year or so, but since this one is really about my boss, I figured I’d have to own this one D.C al Coda.

P.P.S: for those that are interested, this was recorded on an iPhone 6 with a Voyage Air Travel guitar, on my deck…