9904 — Is it an Illuminati Symbol? Or Just Good Fun?


Do you know this woman? She seems innocent enough, but stick with me my friends as I take you down the rabbit hole, behind the looking glass, make you swallow the red pill (or was it blue, I never remember). I’m about to blow your mind!

Today was Chris Duarte day and I can’t think of a more deserving person to have their very own day. However — something is amiss. Something is not quite what we thought it was. You may know Amber Boaz, or “Amber9904” as she likes to call herself but I’m on to her shenanigans — yes shenanigans! Suspicious, what is this “9904” that shrouded in such mystery? (To be honest I *still* don’t know that answer), BUT as you’ll soon see, today she pulled off a caper right underneath our very noses! She had to have had help from the illuminati…but that’s for a different day.

Let’s examine her twitter timeline from today shall we?





Not that I need to continue — we know where this is heading!! But here we go nonetheless.


What treachery? What debauchery is this? Did we actually just get Rick Rolled? Not once, but TWICE? Well Played Miss 9904, Well played, but we’re watching you now…we’re watching you.

P.S. I reached out to Miss 9904 for her thoughts on this scheme to which she replied: “No Comment!”

P.P.S. And I still have no idea what 9904 means…but I’m still thinking illuminati.


Anyone Can Code

Last week I had the opportunity to help someone who was learning to code through one of the many different programs available to us, the Salesforce community. Whether you’re learning from the RAD Women program, Trailhead, one of the Salesforce provided classes, or simply teaching yourself, you will find at times that you hit a wall where things start to not make sense. Or maybe you start to fall a bit behind when the concepts start getting heavier.

One of the resounding things I hear from people that I’ve helped in this situation is actually rather alarming. What I’m hearing are people saying they feel dumb, or slow, or feeling like an idiot. Please, for the love of all that is good STOP thinking this way. What you are doing is hard, and its new and likely something you’ve never done before. Think of it like learning a new language or learning to play the piano. You wouldn’t sit down after a few short weeks and expect to crank out the Bach, Mozart, Beethoven symphonies would you? It’s all very much the same idea: practice, practice, practice.

I posted a quick Periscope about this over the weekend but seeing as how those things disappear after 24 hours, I thought perhaps instead of posting about my usual stuff, (don’t worry more lightning coming soon), that I’d just post these words of encouragement for those that may need it.

Just keep doing what you’re doing and remember: I’m always here to help.