10 Things to Do When Salesforce is Down

1. Stand up and stretch, enjoy the feeling as the blood rushes back into your extremities.
2. Get a drink — I recommend water but a caffeinated beverage works too.
3. Drop in a a workmate, ask them how there day is going.
4. Do you have the use the bathroom? Now would be a good time
5. Check Twitter — see what @reidcarlberg, @kwongeriffic, @benioff, hell even @benioffshoes is up to.
6. Check email, respond to that message you’ve been avoiding.
7. Clean your work area.
8. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em!
9. Breathe deeply.
10. Chill the heck out — this stuff happens and you’re not the only one “trying to run their business”
11. BONUS: lighten up and enjoy the brief break for cryin’ out loud, it will be back.