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9904 — Is it an Illuminati Symbol? Or Just Good Fun? April 21, 2016 - Do you know this woman? She seems innocent enough, but stick with me my friends as I take you down the rabbit hole, behind the looking glass, make you swallow the red pill (or was it blue, I never remember). I’m about to blow your mind! Today was Chris Duarte day and I can’t think […]
Anyone Can Code April 6, 2016 - Last week I had the opportunity to help someone who was learning to code through one of the many different programs available to us, the Salesforce community. Whether you’re learning from the RAD Women program, Trailhead, one of the Salesforce provided classes, or simply teaching yourself, you will find at times that you hit a […]
Everyone’s an Admin March 30, 2016 - Okay, so I had part two of my lightning components exploration all planned out but — I haven’t executed it yet, life just sorta got in the way. To that end, awhile back I recorded a new song: “Everyone’s An Admin” and had sent the rough draft to a few people and even performed it […]
Trailhead on the Road March 24, 2016 - Today is the Salesforce World Tour Chicago event. Sadly, I’m here…writing this…whilst many of my colleagues are in Chicago, but I digress. I’m here for a purpose (besides billable hours). At this event, there is a flyer being circulated talking about this wonderful thing called “Trailhead on the Road” and while I didn’t create this […]
Thinking About Lightning Application Architecture: Part 1 March 16, 2016 - One of the things that really surprised me when I started poking at custom Lightning Components/Apps was the fact that I truly had to handle navigation from scratch. As a developer, we’re taught to never re-invent the wheel and to write code that is re-usable up front. Over the next few posts, I hope to […]
New Trailhead Trail to Help Answer That Question: “What is it that you do exactly?” February 24, 2016 - If you work in I.T. or anything remotely to do with “technology to solve business needs” then you’ve no doubt been asked by your mother, grandmother, grandfather, uncles, aunts, cousins, friends, and random people at various social events “What is it that you do.” Explaining what you do to a non-technical person can get very […]
Top Five Things I’ve Learned So Far About Lightning Components January 27, 2016 - If you are reading this, Lightning Components are something you’ve probably heard about by now. However, if your situation is at all like mine, you’re probably finding very few people doing much of anything with them yet, especially when it comes to doing so for commercial customers. Sure, you may know some folks who […]
Son of a B*tch — More Drinking Admins December 16, 2015 - This past week Apex & the Limits released the first of what we hope to be many videos. We recruited several of our fellow MVPs to lip sync while three of us took turns singing the lyrics. All the credits are up on the video, so you should go Son of Bitch — Admins Drinking! […]
How To Report Problems to Your Support Circle December 9, 2015 - As a consultant, I see many orgs, have written many many lines of code, and work on numerous projects simultaneously. This is always the case and if you are working with a consultant, they’re likely juggling many projects as well and have also written so many lines of code that one project tends to bleed […]
Are You Going to Tahoe? December 4, 2015 - I’m not — and I’m never going to be able to forgive myself for it, but due to some personal things going on, my family just couldn’t swing having me away that weekend. That being said, I’m asking you all to consider going. Maybe you missed Dreamforce, or maybe you are “missing” Dreamforce, maybe this […]