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The Rollercoaster of Change February 23, 2018 - I’m a creature of habit and change for me doesn’t come easy. When making career decisions, I do tend to extrapolate things out and try to weigh out all the advantages and disadvantages of the various scenarios. For instance, I’ve not been part of “Corporate America” for 18 years. (Well there was a 9-month gig […]
Yes the Community is THAT Important! January 16, 2018 - Since I started back with my old company as the Salesforce Practice lead, several firms have contacted me trying to place resources, or I’ve been asked to help “tech” someone applying for jobs at various clients around town. I recently got passed a resume of someone claiming they’ve had 5 years of experience and carry […]
It’s Still the Community November 13, 2017 - As I sit here and enter my lengthy expense report, (and pray to the corporate gods that it all gets approved), my mind begins to reflect on this past week. For those of you that may have been under a rock, Dreamforce 2017 was held just last week in San Francisco. Dreamforce, for me, has […]
My Pedantic Antics August 4, 2017 - Years ago, I heard someone tell a story about a boy who never said anything. Parents knew he could talk, but he just didn’t. Nodding yes or no, shrugging, but not talking. One day, at the age of seven his family was sitting around the dinner table and suddenly blurted out: “These beans are LOUSY!” […]
Transitioning to #Lightning from Visualforce December 20, 2016 - You’ve heard me say it before: I was jaded. I was looking back at 20+ years in I.T most of that as a developer in various languages and “frameworks of the day.” I was tired of the same thing, and even my transition to the Salesforce platform brought very little actual excitement for me. The […]
Time For Giving Thanks November 23, 2016 - I know, I know…I KNOW — its been awhile since I last blogged. Ever since June I’ve pretty much been a one-man consulting shop and one has to pay the bills. Throw a couple of talks and a Dreamforce performance with Apex and the Limits in there as well as numerous gigs with a local […]
Dreamforce 2016 is Upon Us September 28, 2016 - As I sit in my home office preparing to start the day, I can feel my mind wander towards what lies ahead for me in just a few short days. I’m reminded of the fact that I’ve been the three Dreamforce events in the past three years and how each has been a completely different […]
Lightning, Are You Ready? September 8, 2016 -’s new UI (and design paradigm) Lightning Experience (LEX for short), has been making impressions since it was announced. Admins & user’s alike have had over a year now to poke and prod at it with a stick. I even know of a few folks that claim to have LEX turned on in their production […]
Catching Up With the Community August 12, 2016 - First off, please accept my apologies for letting things slack around here a bit. Since May things have been absolutely crazy. As previously mentioned two big things happened in June and then there was a brief period of professional catch up being played, followed by another three big things, (there was a fourth-ish, but lets […]
Change is Good June 8, 2016 - Okay, I’d like to tell you this is more about my lightning stuff — and its not but I promise to get that stuff wrapped up, but this past month has been a whirlwind of change and all for the good, (albeit a bit stressful). I have changed employers. Due to circumstances beyond control, my […]