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Timeout November 18, 2015 - To the few precious readers that I manage to attract to my blog, I want to apologize for missing a couple of weeks. There was a user group meeting, and then a trailhead workshop, (locusts, a terrible flood, I wasn’t my fault I swear to Gooooooooooood!!!) that I had to prep for so I missed […]
Apex Logic Through Formulas: Part 3 November 4, 2015 - I’ve had to reach into my own bag of formulas to find an example for this week’s entry. Last week I was focused on our local user group so we didn’t have an entry, this week I’d like to make up for that a little bit. This week’s formula is a bit more involved but […]
Apex Logic Through Formulas: Part 2 October 21, 2015 - Last week we dove right in with a formula from SteveMo. This week, I want to take a small step back and rather than just transform a formula into Apex, I’d like to talk on a more general level. Often times our formulas are checking for equality between two fields, or one field and some […]
Apex Logic Through Formulas: Part 1 October 14, 2015 - Last week I mentioned that I would be starting a new series of sorts. Today will be the first entry in that series. My hope is to bridge the gap between point and click development, and slinging code for those admins/developers that are hesitant to make “the leap of faith” into the world of of […]
New Mini Series Starting Soon October 7, 2015 - One of my absolute favorite conversations at Dreamforce this year happened during my last night in San Francisco. I was out until the wee hours of the morning with a group of people and happen to be fortunate enough to sit next to SteveMo and Adam Daw. For those of you that don’t know Adam, […]
So Long DF15, It Was VERY Personal September 21, 2015 - Introduction: I began composing this entry upon returning to my hotel room after the closing of the Benioff/Harris Q & A session. I wanted to capture what was going through my head (and heart) before I lost it. I didn’t get to finish the whole thing as there were places to go and people to […]
This Time It’s Personal September 9, 2015 - Shortly after Dreamforce last year, I talked about what I felt made the Salesforce world so different (hint, the community). I still believe that very much, and for that reason I’m looking forward to Dreamforce ’15 more than ever. I’m staffing the “Coding for Admins” booth in the admin zone on Wednesday from 10-Noon (PST). […]
How To Create A Sublime Snippet September 2, 2015 - Those of you who know me, know that I absolutely cannot stand using bloated IDEs for development work. My disdain for Eclipse started way back when I was a day to day Java developer. Most of my Java projects however were so complex with framework stacked up on framework that one absolutely NEEDED to use […]
My Top 5 Sessions for DF15 August 26, 2015 - Keeping in the spirit of Dreamforce-based topics, today I will highlight my top 5 sessions for Dreamforce ’15. These are from my agenda and not by any means a “Best of DF”, but rather the ones that I’m excited for because they apply specifically to my interests/career path, and my idea of fun. So in […]
My Top 5 Must Haves at Dreamforce August 12, 2015 - Admittedly, I’m an over-packer. I pack all sorts of crap that I know I’m absolutely NOT going to need, but I can’t seem to help myself. However, there are some things that I absolutely cannot go with without. Here are my top 5 (in no certain order): Comfortable Shoes — likely more than one pair. […]