Change is Good

Okay, I’d like to tell you this is more about my lightning stuff — and its not but I promise to get that stuff wrapped up, but this past month has been a whirlwind of change and all for the good, (albeit a bit stressful).

I have changed employers. Due to circumstances beyond control, my former employer had to close its doors. This was indeed for the better and will provide much less stress for the three of us. We all agreed it was the best option forward. However, I won’t lie — I was scared shitless. My MVP family was so great with numerous options and interviews but in the end I wound up convincing my old employer (of 10 years) to allow me to help them build a Salesforce practice. It took some dancing but everything fell into place….at the very last minute :)

That put a ton of stress on my family, and on myself. But patience won the day and I am now the Salesforce Practice Lead at Flexion, Inc.

While all of this stress was flying around, another little event that started as a simple tweet from fellow Apex & the Limits member Rachel Rogers to Marc Benioff himself, turned into a whirlwind of excitement, nervousness, and again — a bit of stress. We got asked to be the keynote opener at TrailheaDX in San Francisco. We had two weeks to put it all together and I must say, we couldn’t be happier! At one point shortly before we took the stage, we heard one of Marc’s staff say: “We currently have 383,000 live viewers” — lets just say I could have done well without ever knowing that little factoid!

We took the stage and couldn’t have been happier with the result. All the nerves seem to go away when you go out there and see your fellow community members cheering you on. It’s really why we do what we do, for the community, so thank you all so much for that. We look forward to being able to do this more as long as you’ll have us.

In closing — I just want to apologize to anyone that actually follows this blog for my recent absence. Now that I’ve safely landed and the preparation for our TrailheaDX performance is behind me, I hope to get back on a regular schedule and finish my Lightning components blog. In case I don’t get to that, be sure to come to Midwest Dreamin’ in July and catch the live version! And I want to thank my new/old employer Flexion, Inc for understanding the value in being part of this incredible community and giving me the chance to merge the two things I love most.

Thanks again!