My DF15 Top Ten People To Meet

…also known as “The I am completely ill-prepared for this week’s post and need to write something” edition.

Everybody does it. As we get closer to Dreamforce people start dropping their “to do” lists, and “things you should check out while at Dreamforce” lists, etc. Among these lists one can normally find someones list of people that they’d like to meet at Dreamforce and if possible, nab a selfie.

Some of these aren’t at all likely to happen, but I’m putting them down here so the universe knows (not in any order…well maybe the first three):

  1. Marc Benioff (and his Benioffs Shoes) — who doesn’t right? I mean, let’s don’t get stupid. Of course he’s on the list!
  2. Parker Harris — now I actually met and chatted with him a bit at the MVP Summit in May, but I missed the selfie opportunity. I don’t want to miss that again.
  3. Shawna Wolverton — I don’t know how I missed her at the summit, but I did…I can’t do that again.
  4. Nana Gregg — I missed meeting her last year at Dreamforce, but have been following her on twitter ever since. Besides we need “Custom Junction” music to hash out ;)
  5. Jenny Bamber — I helped her with some formulas. Been following her blog posts as well. It won’t be long and I think she’ll wind up an MVP and then be too busy so gotta do it now.
  6. Francis Pindar — Somehow miss him at the Summit as well. Jeeeeeeez what was I doing there anyway?!? Plus his twitter handle is “radnip” that’s gotta count for something.
  7. Jeff Douglas — Mr. Lightning himself. No brainer, gotta find him.
  8. Greg Wester — If he’s gonna be there, that’d be awesome. I love his tweets…and if he’s not gonna be there…why the hell not??
  9. Abhi Tripathi — One of the first “random strangers” to reach out to me when I was named MVP. Been wanting to meet up with him ever since
  10. Any one of my twitter followers, readers, listeners, & supporters, etc. So looking forward to making new connections beyond the digital realm!
  11. So there you have it. I plan to meet many more but these are just off the top of my head. It’s also an exercise for me to reach out to people which is something I’m not very good at, but getting better.

    So, if you’re not too shy like I am was…lets chat! Who is on your list?