Everyone’s an Admin

Okay, so I had part two of my lightning components exploration all planned out but — I haven’t executed it yet, life just sorta got in the way. To that end, awhile back I recorded a new song: “Everyone’s An Admin” and had sent the rough draft to a few people and even performed it at #SoutheastDreamin. My plan was to do something more “official” but given that life sorta gets in the way sometimes, I don’t see a chance to do this one “right” for a little while yet, so here it is in its rough draft form, “Everyone’s An Admin”:

Hopefully I’ll have some time to get the next part of my lightning topic ready to fly by next week. Until then, I hope you enjoy the video.


Is It Dreamforce Yet

For many of us, our year seems to be measured by the number of days in-between Dreamforce conferences. We wait with anticipation for the release of the band name for the gala, the keynote speakers, the agenda builder, and everything else that comes with Dreamforce. For me, I enjoy all of that just as much as the next person, but Dreamforce — while exhausting — provides me with some relief, a reset button if you will.

With that in mind, I give you my latest creation “Is It Dreamforce Yet”:

‘Nuff said…


Knockin’ On Kevin’s Door

Often times, even I don’t have all the answers…I know “shocking” right? In those times of need, we all need that one person we can go to, for me that person is @Kevin Swiggum (my boss at Radial Web, Inc.). I’m sure coming to my rescue can get pretty annoying at times, but he’s been doing this 4 times as long as I have and has seen numerous anomalies in numerous orgs.

For those that do not know, Kevin is a former MVP — and more than likely still would be, but running a business tends get in the way of keeping up with some of those requirements. (Not to mention, I’m working for him and I can keep anyone on their toes…)

So if you don’t already have your “Kevin” — find one, and this goes out to all of the “Kevin’s” out there…thanks for all your help!

Knockin’ On Kevin’s Door

P.S. I don’t normally perform the parodies I write. I have assisted writing a few Salesforce parodies over the past year or so, but since this one is really about my boss, I figured I’d have to own this one D.C al Coda.

P.P.S: for those that are interested, this was recorded on an iPhone 6 with a Voyage Air Travel guitar, on my deck…


Just For Fun

Time wasting links edition:

Nothing techie today folks. Sometimes we need a “checkout,” time to take a step back, take a breath and reset. Sometimes our minds get so clouded we forget to have fun. So lets have some fun shall we?

Since music is my release my first sidestep is this: there’s another Salesforce singer in our midst: Shane McLaughlin (@MShaneMc) so welcome to the show Shane. :) (admittedly I’m slightly jealous of his 330 views!! “Ima let you finish but….”

Continuing with music, for karaoke lovers: did you know you can sing karaoke online? Well you can: and I did. If only I had more time to waste! (It even lets you do duets with  a stranger #harmony!!).

Then there’s this magnetic putty stuff: #creepy — reminds me of the blob but yet I still wanna score some. Not exactly what I’d do with it aside from creep my children out, maybe there’s some fun Halloween type thing I could do with it…

And Office Space has come full circle. How very meta. Whatever happened to Michael Bolton anyway? Either of them?

Oh, sorry back to music for a moment: I KNOW this guy!! He’s awesome. And I seriously don’t know whats wrong with Pharrell & Christine, “Is this thing on? Hello? Testing 1,2,3!!” Oh and go checkout his old band (and I went to high school with his bandmates Andy & Joe Wilson).

Anyway — alas I must work.  Projects to start, code to write, and sunshine in my window to enjoy (at last!)








Thats Why Admin’s Drink

EDIT: My kickstart to get this professionally going. Please consider helping out.

Reverb Nation (link to audio)

As a hobbyist musician — lets face no Grammy’s are heading my way anytime soon — I couldn’t resist writing a song about Salesforce. I’ve been particularly infatuated with the hash tag: #ThatsWhyAdminsDrink. So today, I bring to the incredible admin’s all throughout the Salesforce community their very own song based on the afore mentioned hashtag.

This comes with a caveat however, not only am I NOT a professional musician — I’m even MUCH LESS a professional sound engineer. I can do some very basic “stuff” with Garage Band, but I feel in order to do this right, I’d like to have this professionally recorded in a studio but someone who actually knows what they are doing. To that point, I’d also like to add some studio musicians to the mix because I need drums, bass, and a guitar player that can solo. I have a few connections that I can line this up with no doubt but it all takes time and money. Time I can deal with, but money, not so much. So this is me, writing a song for a community I’ve enjoyed being part of for over a year now, asking for a little help in making this something we can all point to and tell our friends: “That song is about me — and what I do everyday” :)  Please consider donating to my Kickstarter project in order to help me make this a real thing :)

For now, the very rough recording can be found on my Reverb Nation page (Dammit Andy).

I know its rough, but please let me know what you think in the comments.