To the few precious readers that I manage to attract to my blog, I want to apologize for missing a couple of weeks. There was a user group meeting, and then a trailhead workshop, (locusts, a terrible flood, I wasn’t my fault I swear to Gooooooooooood!!!) that I had to prep for so I missed a couple entries. It’s all for the good though because interest in the Logic Through Formulas has sort of stalled out and to be honest, I’m lacking ideas for content. Therefore, I’m taking a timeout on that series but it will still be here for any admins that may want to see a “formula in code” if they think it will help them learn something more. So if you’re out there, don’t hesitate to send me something :)

So in case you missed it, our Wisconsin based “Women in Tech” group sponsored a Trailhead Workshop in Lake Mills, WI over the weekend and was a great success. (Though we ARE still waiting for a number the feedback surveys). We plan to do more, so follow myself or either of these two fine folks on Twitter: Jenny Bennett & Kelly Leslie, in order to get the latest news on the next workshop. We also had the great pleasure to welcome Chris Duarte to the midwest. She made it through her weekend without freezing, so that’s a plus ;)

For a recap: see ChattyAdmin’s blog (ignore the googy-ass face I was making…we were all supposed to be, but I don’t think anyone else knew, but I DISTINCTLY heard someone say “make a funny face”)