Thats Why Admin’s Drink

EDIT: My kickstart to get this professionally going. Please consider helping out.

Reverb Nation (link to audio)

As a hobbyist musician — lets face no Grammy’s are heading my way anytime soon — I couldn’t resist writing a song about Salesforce. I’ve been particularly infatuated with the hash tag: #ThatsWhyAdminsDrink. So today, I bring to the incredible admin’s all throughout the Salesforce community their very own song based on the afore mentioned hashtag.

This comes with a caveat however, not only am I NOT a professional musician — I’m even MUCH LESS a professional sound engineer. I can do some very basic “stuff” with Garage Band, but I feel in order to do this right, I’d like to have this professionally recorded in a studio but someone who actually knows what they are doing. To that point, I’d also like to add some studio musicians to the mix because I need drums, bass, and a guitar player that can solo. I have a few connections that I can line this up with no doubt but it all takes time and money. Time I can deal with, but money, not so much. So this is me, writing a song for a community I’ve enjoyed being part of for over a year now, asking for a little help in making this something we can all point to and tell our friends: “That song is about me — and what I do everyday” :)  Please consider donating to my Kickstarter project in order to help me make this a real thing :)

For now, the very rough recording can be found on my Reverb Nation page (Dammit Andy).

I know its rough, but please let me know what you think in the comments.