Wow! Thank You!

Last Thursday I was met with some very good news. I am now a Salesforce MVP, class of Spring ’15!

I think its all still settling in but wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who nominated me. I’d like to thank the current MVPs who were part of the process as well, if it weren’t for the encouragement of my MVP mentor Vamsi Krishna, and other MVPs who were there as a sounding board for me (Bill Greenhaw, Sarah Deutsch, Brian Kwong to name a few) I’m sure I’d not have had the chance to have this experience.

Its very humbling. I interact with a number of superstars in this community who are certainly MVP material and here I am — one of them. There truly are not words to fit the occasion. (Actually, there *are* some words, but I’m still putting them together).

Now I must ask you all for a favor: If there’s something I can do to help give back, something you’d like to see me try (e.g. put together a blog post about a specific topic, maybe even speak on a certain topic perhaps — which scares the bajeeezus outta me), anything I can do, please let me know. Hit me up on twitter, even facebook, email, here in the comments, smoke signals, whatever — I’m here. I don’t like to make it obvious, even downplay it a bit at times, but I LOVE interacting with the community, so don’t be shy :)

Again 1000 times thank you!!