My Top Five Parodies for Salesforce

I ¬†get asked quite a bit what song is coming next. I’ve helped others write several parodies of existing songs and while I don’t generally perform the parodies, here is a list of what I have coming up next. I may or may not be performing them on my own, but we’ll see:

Top 5 Salesforce parodies in the works:

5) You’ll Be a Closed Opp Soon (Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon)

4) Valdiation Rules (California Girls — Katy Perry)

3) Ben-i-off (Shake it Off — Taylor Swift)

2) I Only Added One More Rule (Only Wanna Be with You — Hootie & the Blowfish)

1) It’s Friday, Lets Deploy (It’s Friday I’m in Love — The Cure)

I was so excited to do the It’s Friday, Let’s Deploy that I couldn’t wait to do it, so without further delay: enjoy!