Why Go to Dreamforce 2014

Since “I said so”  or “Because you get to see my ugly mug in person” won’t suffice, here are some valid reasons you should strongly consider heading to Dreamforce 2014 this year, particularly if you are a developer.

#1) The DevZone — last year was my first Dreamforce experience and sadly I missed much of what was going on in the DevZone. However I did find myself skipping out on a couple of sessions (sssshhhh) to go see what all the buzz was about. From arduino & Raspberry PI to 3D printers, this place had it all and was the ideal place to get your geek groove on. Oh yeah, and Bean Bags…lots of Bean Bags…

#2) H.O.T.s — Hands On Training. Last year I was only able to get into one of these things but it was great (Canvas Apps in case you were wondering).  They fill up early so be sure to reserve your place as soon as possible. How better to learn something new than by doing? Its how we do what we do right? Remember H.O.T.s == Good++ :)

#3) Mini Hacks — last year they had a huge hackathon, but the real action if you ask me, was in the mini hacks. I didn’t officially participate in them, but I did snag some of the challenges and spec things out in my hotel room later. This year, they’re definitely on my radar. I’m purposely going to leave a few holes in my sessions to see whats up for grabs.

#4) The Music –Not to be stereotypical but if you’re a geek, you are likely into music as well. I don’t know a single developer that doesn’t sling code without a pair of noise-canceling headphones and their favorite jam blaring full-bore into their cerebral cortex. Dreamforce has music everywhere you go. Last’s year’s Gala was Green Day (one of my favorites), this year is Bruno Mars — not exactly my thing, but he could be yours right? Its a big, big world. There were also a number of indies on the smaller stages throughout the week. Its everywhere, and its good…so good.

#5) Knowledge — last year there were 130,000 people at Dreamforce. The amount of concentrated knowledge in that one single spot in San Francisco is unfathomable and some of that knowledge is bound to rub off on you. If you’re a newbie like I was, you’ll come back invigorated, ready to put  your new found knowledge to practice. If you’re an expert already, you’ll no doubt pass on your knowledge to others. It can’t be helped, its what developers do, we talk about code. We eat, live, breathe code. Maybe you’ll even make a couple friends, get popular and find yourself on the next MVP list? Hey! It could happen.

#6) The people — they’re everywhere. You WILL meet someone new, even if you’re an introvert (I’m an introvert — it took me 20 minutes to get up the courage to go talk to a guy about his Google Glass — Glasses?? Glass? I digress). And let’s face it, we’re not there just to learn about the platform, we are there to hang out and let loose with “our kind”. I fully plan on earning a new nickname as the one I earned at Midwest Dreamin’, while rather entertaining just isn’t gonna cut it for me long term (sorry Bubba, EasyT and Blondie) — ask me in person sometime, its not for public consumption — and where better to ask me than Dreamforce 2014?.

Lastly — because I said so, and my ugly mug will be there — we can selfie :)

Go check it out.