Just For Fun

Time wasting links edition:

Nothing techie today folks. Sometimes we need a “checkout,” time to take a step back, take a breath and reset. Sometimes our minds get so clouded we forget to have fun. So lets have some fun shall we?

Since music is my release my first sidestep is this: there’s another Salesforce singer in our midst: Shane McLaughlin (@MShaneMc) so welcome to the show Shane. :) (admittedly I’m slightly jealous of his 330 views!! “Ima let you finish but….”

Continuing with music, for karaoke lovers: did you know you can sing karaoke online? Well you can: and I did. If only I had more time to waste! (It even lets you do duets with  a stranger #harmony!!).

Then there’s this magnetic putty stuff: #creepy — reminds me of the blob but yet I still wanna score some. Not exactly what I’d do with it aside from creep my children out, maybe there’s some fun Halloween type thing I could do with it…

And Office Space has come full circle. How very meta. Whatever happened to Michael Bolton anyway? Either of them?

Oh, sorry back to music for a moment: I KNOW this guy!! He’s awesome. And I seriously don’t know whats wrong with Pharrell & Christine, “Is this thing on? Hello? Testing 1,2,3!!” Oh and go checkout his old band (and I went to high school with his bandmates Andy & Joe Wilson).

Anyway — alas I must work.  Projects to start, code to write, and sunshine in my window to enjoy (at last!)