Wednesday Wrap Up — October 2014 Edition

Being fairly new to this “regular blogging” habit that I’m trying to form, I’ve decided that the first Wednesday of every month will be known as “Wrap Up Wednesday” here on  What I plan to do is simply summarize everything that either influenced me, entertained me, or general buzz that interested me from the previous month. Some of it may be related directly to Salesforce but buyer beware — I’m a man of many interests so there may be some other things that sneak in from time to time. So without further delay, welcome to the first of hopefully many “Wednesday Wrap Ups!”

Personal Happenings:

  • Highlight of my year: I got to sing at Dreamforce! (Okay, i really will shut up about this…someday.)
  • I had a lightbulb moment
  • I reflected (perhaps out of place) on what I think makes a Salesforce MVP
  • Sarah Deutsch asked me to rewrite the lyrics to “All About That Bass” and she totally rocked it!
  • I smoked my first cigar and had my first Armagnac thanks to my new buddy Adam Daw. Armagnac — hell yes. Cigar — I’ve got much to learn…maybe @MichaelForce can help.

Dreamforce 2014:

  • The developer group over at Salesforce launched “Trailhead” and I’ve been enjoying watching the tweets come through as people complete the modules/challenges. I’ve not gotten very far myself, but intend to go front to back through all of the content. Some will be review but we can always use review. I’ve already referred a personal friend to it to get him up and going with Salesforce. I can’t wait to watch his progress & its a great way to started on the platform.
  • Lightning Components were opened up to developers and it promises to be slick as hell. I’ve only been able to spend a few hours with it so far, but I believe it will change much of what a developer on the platform does in the future. Our jobs won’t change immediately, there will always be enough apex work to go around, but things will indeed change. Jeff Douglas has a great intro to lightning so check it out.
  • Process Builder seems to be getting quite a bit of attention as well and really will shake things up in admin land. Brian Kwong (aka SalesforceWizard) has several good entries regarding process builder. I’ve not had the chance to do much besides give it a glance at this point but I believe its open beta so it would behoove you to get on this now.
  • Salesforce released Wave and next generation analytics platform. To be honest, I was wowed by the demo at the keynote — but that’s as far as I took it. I can’t focus on everything and I’m scattered as it is :)
  • POODLE just doodled all over SSL. On October 14th google engineers released information regarding a flaw in the SSL 3.0 protocol. Salesforce announced they’ll be shutting down that protocol and mass hysteria ensued. Its all very confusing and hard to even tell if one will be affected by it. There is a link on stackexchange that goes into excruciating detail of what the problem is and further down there is a link that will help you figure out which services may have a problem with this, but for the impatient…I think the magic you are looking for upon test completion is in the configuration section of the results. You’re looking for support of TLS 1.0 at least.

Other tech related stuff:

  • Apple CEO Tim Cook comes out as gay. This shouldn’t matter, but sadly we still live in a world where people think this an issue of some sort.
  • Apple Yosemite was released — and I like it :)
  • The Django project added four new core team members. Congrats folks!
  • An Indiegogo project was launched to help Django provide first class support for third party templating engines. I personally prefer the tempting framework that Django provides out of the box, but this can only help…

There are many more items of tech interest that I am sure I am leaving out but these are the ones I am remembering. This month, perhaps I’ll start bookmarking these things…I just hope I can keep this habit up! For now…