Catching Up With the Community

First off, please accept my apologies for letting things slack around here a bit. Since May things have been absolutely crazy. As previously mentioned two big things happened in June and then there was a brief period of professional catch up being played, followed by another three big things, (there was a fourth-ish, but lets just downplay that one).

Thing One
Midwest Dreamin’:
I had a moment of bravery and submitted a talk for Midwest Dreamin’ and it subsequently got accepted. This meant that I really had to get my shit together and practice and organize my thoughts, etc. I was super worried that all the work I’d done to day was all for naught, or at least would be usurped by features in the pending Summer 16 release. Alas, it would appear that neither of those things happened, and overall my presentation went of rather well considering public speaking is just not something I feel very comfortable with yet. (Nor do I think of myself as an authority on any topic, so I was suffering some major Imposter Syndrome). My session was packed, my clicky thingy wasn’t working to advance my slides, I felt unorganized, and my laptop took a dive off the podium at the end, but people clapped and I had some good follow up questions afterwards. Oh and someone want’s me to present on how to write Salesforce parody songs…interesting, but that’s a great segue…

Thing Two
Apex & the Limits at Midwest Dreamin:
Whilst prepping for the above presentation at Midwest Dreamin’ I also had to help my band mates prepare for a number of mini-performances for the conference. This part is always stressful because there are certain needs, (not green M & M’s kind of needs, thing more logistical needs) that the band requires. There’s sound, microphones, prepping the karaoke tracks, the lyrics, figuring out who is singing what part, etc. Its all very nerve wracking and usually all comes together at the very last minute, but once we are up there — THOSE moment make it all worth it. People may think we are looney, but I’ll be damned if we don’t have a great time!

Thing Three
LEX MVP Summit:
The first part of the week at Midwest Dreamin’ was a closed MVP event regarding all things LEX. And while there isn’t really anything I can share with you from a platform point of view (NDA and all), I can say there are some great things coming. My brain was absolutely full after the first day but somehow they managed to cram even more information on day two. Add to that, getting to catch up with my MVP family from all over the world always gives me a recharge.

Between catching up with my fellow MVPs and meeting all the new faces (and some old friends) at Midwest Dreamin, my community cup had runneth over. These are the moments I love. These are the moments however that also make me question: Why am I coding anymore? My love is really interacting with the community. How can I get to interact more (and still make a living). I still haven’t figure that part out yet, but its definitely on my radar. I’ve never considered myself a people person, but for some crazy reason — this community makes me want to be out amongst people.

Okay a fourth-sh thing (plus a half):
They made me walk around in Lion PJs. The things I get myself into (contrary to popular opinion, there was no bet):

I got stopped in the expo for my autograph — I still haven’t figured out if that was a serious request, but out there somewhere is a polaroid selfie with my signature on it, because how often does THAT happen?? Never if you’re me, so hell yea I signed it and now I have a story :)

Okay, back to it…see you all at Dreamforce!