Wednesday Wrap-Up November 2014 Edition

In keeping with my concept of copping out wrapping up the previous month’s events that I found interesting, or mentioned here on the blog, I copped out present to you the latest edition of the Wednesday Wrap-Up. *cough* cop out *cough*

Personal Happenings:

  • I released a Salesforce Christmas song titled “Christmas in the Cloud” — Consumption has been really low though. Hey they can’t all be awesome its not like I’m Taylor Swift or something! (note to self: never release on the day before a holiday during a short work week…#duh)
  • Thanksgiving happened, we hosted — ate too much, then had Thanksgiving Part Deux at another relative’s house where nobody quite understands what it is I do exactly.  “I do computers” thanks @Michaelforce
  • I was given way too much credit for helping Sarah Deutsch write this parody. #Awesomeness — I maybe added three or four lines, but it was a blast to be involved even that much.

Industry Happenings (that I actually cared about):

Okay, confession time: I was very disconnected this month from anything that wasn’t project related. I’ve been living in a self-absorbed worldly mix of jQuery, Visualforce and Apex for several of my clients. Apple could have released the next big thing and I’d have missed it. Throw in the holiday on top of that and for all I know, we’ve invented teleportation, space elevators, and consumer-grade flying cars. To be honest, anything that did catch my eye I forgot to bookmark, except for this: (hint, someone hooked up their car to Salesforce).

So to make it up to all four of my readers — I have some Ello invites hanging around here somewhere, if you want one, let me know.