Trailhead on the Road

Today is the Salesforce World Tour Chicago event. Sadly, I’m here…writing this…whilst many of my colleagues are in Chicago, but I digress. I’m here for a purpose (besides billable hours). At this event, there is a flyer being circulated talking about this wonderful thing called “Trailhead on the Road” and while I didn’t create this thing, there are numerous questions being asked and the person who can answer those questions is nowhere near a laptop at the moment and is enjoying a sunny spring break in Florida. Therefore, hopefully you’ll allow me to fill that gap momentarily.

Like many great ideas…it was born whilst sitting in the airport coming down from another week at Dreamforce. For the background, you can read this, go ahead, I’ll wait…

All caught up? Good. As we were wrapping up that event, someone mentioned that we need to take this “on the road” which started another run of excitement. What would that look like? Where would we go? Could we even pull it off? The answer to those questions are: Pretty freakin’ awesome, wherever we can, dear God I hope so. :)

We are attempting to pull off our first “On the Road” event in Chicago on May 7th, 2016. The final content is still being produced but it will be lightning heavy on both the admin and dev sides. We will have several MVPs in attendance, and will have two tracks. Each track may even go “off road” just a bit to assist in getting a bigger picture and a more “real world” example.

The event is not sponsored by any entity in particular so no sales pitches, just like minded devs and admins getting together to crack a few modules, and do some off-roading with Trailhead (and beyond).

If you’ll recall, I believe back in July of 2015 there was a “Trailhead Live” promotion all over the country. Its quite a bit like that but is being put on by members of the community.

Who knows where it will take us, but feel free to reach out to myself (in the comments and on twitter), or @JennyJBennett or the mastermind behind the whole deal: @chattyadmn for more information.

Until next time…