My Top 5 Must Haves at Dreamforce

Admittedly, I’m an over-packer. I pack all sorts of crap that I know I’m absolutely NOT going to need, but I can’t seem to help myself. However, there are some things that I absolutely cannot go with without. Here are my top 5 (in no certain order):

  1. Comfortable Shoes — likely more than one pair. I’ve never done so much walking in my entire life. Last year I got one of those little Jawbone devices that they were giving away in the expo and at the end of my first full day with it, I was over 22,000 steps. I’m starting to get too old for this!
  2. My Mophie standalone phone charger. Your phone will be struggling with battery life in the area, if I had two of them, I’d bring two of them. Alas, I have only one so it will have to do. I’ll turn off any un-needed services and operate on the lowest level of brightness if I have to, but having this battery backup is a life saver!
  3. Laptop — call me old fashioned but yes, I still lug around my laptop at events like this. (Mainly because my iPad is a first-generation one and has pretty much reached the end of its useful life for me — and I’m cheap). Believe it or not, you will have some downtime or will “need” some downtime. For a developer like me, that downtime comes in the form of hacking code or further learning (Trailhead anyone?), but I like to find a bean bag near an outlet and zone out for a bit….speaking of power outlets:
  4. Power Strip — it will add a little bit of weight to my bag for sure, but I believe Brian Kwong mentioned at our user group that if you are the person with a power strip at Dreamforce, you will be one of the most popular people on campus. What a fantastic way to meet new people! So this year, I’m giving that a shot.
  5. My Guitar — I never like to be far from some source of music creation. I never know when lyrics or melodies will pop into my head. Its also my comfort zone. Its like a comfort food for my soul, and a way to decompress at the end of the day, or whenever I need it. Luckily for me, I have a folding guitar so its not a big bulky thing. I doubt I’ll be carrying it around all that much but hopefully it will find its way to admin zone with me at some point. I did bring a mandolin & a travel guitar my first year and touched them once each, so I may not even get to use it, but just knowing it is there is comforting.

So there you have it! What are your top “Must Haves” for Dreamforce this year?

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