My Big Cop-Out

If you’ve been here before, you’re probably wondering what happened to the old design.   While I enjoyed it, and most people “got” the hint, it wasn’t very nice looking, or very usable etc.  On top of that, it was sitting on top of a blog engine that I rolled myself using CodeIgniter.  Home-rolled blogging engines, to me anyway, are nothing more than a way to get used to a language or a framework.  It was fun, I learned some things, but one thing that annoyed the hell out of me was comment spam.  I knew I wanted to implement Akismet but didn’t have that kind of time and to be honest, I was getting tired of maintaining the codebase.

Alas, I’ve given in and gone WordPress.  Hell, I’ve even nabbed a free theme that I may tweak only slightly.  Why?!? Mainly because I am lazy and a very busy father of two girls and dedicated husband, and because I’m cheap.  (I’d love to write my own blogging engine in Django, but it costs me a bit more than I can justify spending at the moment for the hosting when I already have this hosting package here.  So forgive me for copping out on you.

At some point, I’ll be adding my old entries from earlier — again there’s that whole “time” thing.  But hopefully, since WordPress makes it so easy to get my thoughts out there, this will motivate me blog more.  And with that said…here’s to hopin! ;)